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Join us in sharing worth and value to children with special needs.

You can help build two new campuses to serve 450+ children and families living with disability in Uganda and Guatemala. 

Your gift will bring education, therapy, community support, opportunities, and the good news of the Gospel to families and children with special needs.

It’s estimated there are 1.3 billion people around the world living with a disability.


16 percent of the world’s population.

Too often, people with disabilities feel unseen, forgotten, and neglected.

In countries around the world, people with special needs can even be considered to be cursed, and bring shame on their family. 

60 percent of Jesus’s publicly recorded miracles on Earth were for those that were afflicted. A lot of times, the afflicted meant special needs. We believe it is significant that Jesus demonstrated His heart for people with disabilities in this way, and that as a society, we should too.



Please don’t look away. SEE THEM. Serve them with us.

We believe ALL people are image-bearers and deserve to be loved and valued.

Together, we have created real-life impact through Tebow Down Guatemala and Ekisa Ministries for so many, but there are so many children and families we haven’t gotten to. 

Our current resource centers in Uganda and Guatemala City are not able to meet the need that exists as thousands of children and families have yet to be reached.

It is our prayer to come alongside you and raise $2 million to build two new campuses that will immediately increase capacity to serve children and families by the hundreds.


Will you join us?

Will you help build these campuses to serve more than 450 children and families today?

The Future Ekisa Children's Facility | Njeru, Buzika 
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The Future Tebow Down Guatemala Campus | Guatemala City
The Future Ekisa Children's Facility | Njeru, Buzika 
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The Future Tebow Down Guatemala Campus | Guatemala City
The Future Ekisa Children's Facility | Njeru, Buzika 
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The Future Tebow Down Guatemala Campus | Guatemala City

Tebow Down Guatemala

Tebow Down Guatemala, a ministry of the Tim Tebow Foundation, provides holistic education and resources to children with developmental disabilities in Guatemala and their families. In countries all over the globe like Guatemala, children with disabilities are often neglected and seen as cursed or worthless. There are even instances where children with special needs are locked away to be kept hidden so as not to bring shame to their families. In these regions, there is often a severe lack of resources, education, and support for families to provide for their needs and help them grow. Tebow Down Guatemala steps in to help fill this overwhelming need.

"I'm Sorry" 

Breaking Barriers: The story of Alfredo Jr. that paved the way to Tebow Down Guatemala

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Alfredo and Irene didn't expect to hear these words when they first introduced their precious baby boy to their community. For a moment, the joy they felt for the miracle of their baby boy was overshadowed by their community's distressing response to learning their son had Down syndrome.

The Salazar’s were not deterred.  

"We wanted to do something not just for Alfredo Jr., but for all those children we've been seeing in hospitals and different places. We wanted the best for all of them. That's why we have staff that doesn't just do a job, they love these children. You can tell they love them," shared Alfredo. "The programs provided by Tebow Down Guatemala bring hope and a future, not just for the students but for their families, as well. They will be able to see a different future for their children." 

Would you consider walking alongside us?


Ekisa Ministries

In Uganda, 8 percent of their residents live with disabilities, and over half of that population are children. Those children are often seen as outcasts by their community. Because of this viewpoint and stigma, many of these precious children are at risk of being orphaned, abandoned, and trafficked. The Tim Tebow Foundation walks alongside Ekisa Ministries to help change the narrative of children with special needs in Uganda. Our hope and prayer is for every child to grow up in a loving, healthy family equipped to provide them with the support they need to thrive.


Isolated: Now Thriving 

Meet Elvis! Once isolated because of disability; now thriving in a community.

There was much excitement in Elvis’ household as a precious boy was welcomed into the family. However, as time passed, his mother, Mariam, noticed that Elvis struggled to crawl, couldn't stand with support, and was burdened by frequent convulsions.

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Filled with worry and questions, Mariam was unsure about how she would navigate raising a child with disabilities. A village healthcare worker recognized Elvis’ need for specialized care and introduced them to Ekisa Tebow Community Care Center.

Through TTF’s Ministry Partner Ekisa Ministries, Elvis is receiving personalized support from their team. More than just medical help, the center offers a supportive community and compassionate care, paving the way for Elvis and his mother to thrive.  

Together, we can be a community of hope, bringing lasting impact to children like Elvis and their families. No one should have to experience isolation because of their disability. 

Will you join us? Will you see them?

Together we can make a difference!